Welcome to Beyond Red Pill Services

If you croaked today, what grade would you give your life?

You’ve probably arrived here because I decided to use the term “Red Pill” in marketing my life coaching services.

People write and ask me what I do, what is my process. Since you and your environment are a combination different from any that’s come before, I can only offer a very general outline.

My impression is many people see “Red Pill” thinking as a sort of goal, a thing that once achieved allows one to act effectively. I see “Red Pill” as simply a form of disillusionment with inaccurate ideas and ideologies.

It’s just a start on you achieving what you need to in life so you won’t later feel it was a waste.

Then comes the real work.

Recognizing your talents and weaknesses, and the appropriate related life goals; maybe with the help of a professional like me.
Clarifying and codifying all that in writing. On paper, with a physical pencil is best.
Objectively planning small achievable steps to make all that real.

Creating a positive feedback loop that allows you to adjust your environment so as to further develop your talents, which then allows you to improve your environment….et cetera.

Who am I? In California, I’m a psychologist in late middle age who’s been licensed for about ten years and has seen thousands of patients. I’ve traveled in Europe, FSU, Asia, and the US, worked in the tech sector for Hertz, Eli Lilly, Cargill, and 3M. I’ve worked as a professional musician, dated the homecoming queen, rode the Death Ride in the California mountains, and stumbled around late at night drunk under a frozen Ukrainian moon and wrote a song about it. If I croaked today, I’d give myself a B minus, but I still haven’t taken the final exam.


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